Engineering Design and Owner's Representation


Varos also performs engineering design on small bicycle and pedestrian projects.  For larger projects, we offer our services to represent the agency in the selection of a large consultant and to manage the design process on behalf of the agency.  We are truly invested in the projects that we participate in and always understand the client's needs.


Transportation Planning


Varos' core mission is to help clients plan for changes to their transportation network by facilitating vigorous discussion and debate to understand the needs and goals of the community.  We firmly believe that a consultant's role is not to impose our values, but rather to educate to the community of the impacts of their own choices so they can make informed decisions.




Transport Consulting Services for Urban Environments

Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 | Tel: 317.937.8882

Varos provides planning and engineering services to cities and transit agencies in Indiana and throughout the US.  We are dedicated to creating transportation systems that support vibrant and sustainable communities. 



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