Varos Glossary

Mid Roll Ads

What are mid-roll ads?

Ads that play in the middle of a video are called "mid-rolls", and they can be disruptive to the viewing experience. These commercials are common on social media and video-sharing websites like YouTube or Facebook.

  • Mid-roll ads are broadcast in the middle of a video, as opposed to pre-roll advertisements, which play before the video begins. 

Mid-roll advertising may appear at any point in the video (generally 30 seconds in), however, their precise location is flexible.

Marketers love mid-roll commercials because they may reach viewers who are halfway through a video and thus more likely to pay attention to it. They also facilitate the monetization of videos and the generation of income for their creators.

However, commercials shown throughout the middle of a video may be annoying if they come up too often or at inappropriate moments. To combat this, several online video-sharing services have instituted time limits on mid-roll advertisements and made it possible for users to skip them.

Pros of mid-roll ads

  • Engagement- Ads that play during a video tend to have a higher rate of engagement since viewers are more invested in what they're seeing at that point. This has the potential to increase both click-through and conversion rates.
  • Revenue- Mid-roll ads can generate more money for their creators and publishers than pre-roll or post-roll ads because of their prime viewing position.
  • Targeting- They have the potential to be more effective because they can be tailored to specific viewers based on demographics, interests, and other criteria.

Mid-roll media ads have the potential to reach a large audience and generate revenue if used strategically and with care for the viewer's experience.

Cons of mid-roll ads

  • Viewer experience- Ads that play in the middle of a video aren't always welcome, and they may be particularly annoying if they come up too often.
  • Ad-blocking- There is a possibility that viewers would use ad-blocking software to skip through mid-roll commercials, which will harm the campaign's ROI.
  • Inventory- Ad space is restricted since mid-rolls may only appear in videos that fulfill certain requirements for a duration and subject matter.

By balancing the pros and cons of mid-roll ads, businesses can determine if they are the right choice for their marketing strategy.

Mid-roll ads and YouTube

YouTube mid-roll ads are video commercials that play during a video. YouTubers and brands may benefit from these advertisements since they allow them to monetize their content and get their message in front of interested audiences.

  • Commercial breaks on YouTube may last up to 30 seconds and can be scheduled to play at particular times throughout a video. Most of these ads may be skipped after 5 seconds.

To include mid-roll adverts on their videos, YouTube creators need to achieve specific requirements, such as having at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours in the previous 12 months. Marketers may utilize YouTube's analytics tools to see how effective their mid-roll advertisements were based on characteristics like keywords, demographics, and interests.

Ads played in the middle of videos may be an efficient method to monetize content and attract interested audiences. Ads that play in the middle of videos, or that are positioned awkwardly, may irritate viewers and cause them to lose interest in what they're watching.

How to make a great mid-roll ad?

An effective mid-roll ad keeps the audience interested and doesn't get in the way of what they're seeing. The success of a mid-roll ad depends on the following factors:

  • Relevance- The ad's relevance to the video's subject matter and the viewer's interests is essential. Intentional targeting and ad placement may accomplish this.
  • Originality- Ads that use innovative techniques to pique the interest of their target audience are more likely to be successful.
  • Duration- Ad length is relative to both the video's running time and the average attention span of its viewers. Mid-roll commercials often last for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Call-to-Action- To get people to do anything after seeing your ad, like visit your website, download your app, or buy something, you need a strong call to action.
  • Branding- The ad should make it very apparent what brand or product it is promoting via the use of recognizable components like logos, slogans, and brand colors.
  • Placement- The ad should play after a natural break or transition in the video to prevent too much of a distraction for the viewer.


An effective mid-roll ad should be timely, engaging, and strategically positioned, with a distinct CTA and memorable branding. Marketers may captivate viewers and get results with mid-roll advertisements that have these characteristics.