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New Release: Varos Dashboard V2

Now you have the power to drill down into benchmarks by vertical, spend level and AOV ranges. This is a big step in our continuous mission to let you compare your metrics to the most relevant companies possible. Plus, we’ve upgraded the weekly roundup emails.

Why is it relevant?

When benchmarking marketing data, it’s important to compare to companies similar to yours, as typical results can vary across different categories of companies. 

For example, CPCs for a cosmetics company should look quite different from CPCs for a company selling socks. 

So, what’s the update?

Now, when you log into the dashboard, it will be filtered to show you market data from your Default Peer Group - the group of other companies that are most similar to yours. 

You can change the filters to drill down to companies that have whichever vertical, spend/month, and AOV that you’d like to check out. You can also still filter the data by objective and targeting type. We took a stab at setting a Default Peer Group for each of you (let us know if you want yours changed), and soon you'll be able to change your default in the dashboard.

If your vertical / spend / AOV is on the border between a few categories, you can benchmark against multiple categories of companies. Or, if you want to see what will happen when you scale up ad spend, you can do that too!

It’s easy to compare your metrics to a hyper-targeted cross section of the market - of companies just like yours. You can be more confident that the market data is relevant for you. 

Weekly roundup emails

We’ve also upgraded the weekly emails to include benchmarks against companies just like yours, your Default Peer Group, so you can also get ultra-accurate data there too. 

The emails also got a face lift. Many users said they forward these around their org and agencies, so we wanted them to help you put your best foot forward. 

That’s it

Keep an eye out for a lot of new features coming soon. We love hearing from customers, so if you have a feature request, are interested in our beta program, or just want to chat, get in touch at