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Beauty Subscriptions Market

The beauty subscriptions eCommerce market refers to any eCommerce site where customers can sign up for subscription services that provide a monthly or quarterly delivery of curated beauty products. These services offer a convenient and personalized way for customers to discover new products and brands, in addition to trying out a variety of skincare, haircare, and makeup products. 

This emerging market is highly competitive, with numerous players offering a range of subscription options, from low-cost to high-end luxury and brand-name boxes. In addition, some services also offer customization options, allowing customers to tailor their subscription boxes to their individual preferences. 

Beauty subscriptions are rapidly growing and are driven by the increasing popularity of subscription-based services. Keep reading to learn more about crucial beauty subscriptions eCommerce benchmarks to help your business grow.

Average Conversion Rate for Beauty Subscriptions eCommerce

It’s vital to continue improving your conversion rate to succeed in the competitive beauty subscription market. 

A conversion rate (CVR) is a KPI that indicates how many visitors made a purchase as a percentage. For instance, a 10% conversion rate indicates that out of 200 visitors, 20 of them completed a purchase.

A common mistake among eCommerce sites is basing the success or failure of new campaigns compared to past campaigns. However, this approach ignores overall industry trends and performance that must be considered. That’s why understanding beauty subscriptions conversion rate benchmarks is crucial for lasting success.

Varos aggregates and analyzes real-time data from other eCommerce sites within the beauty subscription market so you always know how your results compare. Below, you can see how the average CVR for beauty subscriptions for Facebook Ads is 2.7%.

eCommerce Traffic Data for the Beauty Subscriptions Market

The beauty subscriptions market is a subcategory of the larger health and wellbeing market. Stores in this market utilize a diverse range of sources to bring in visitors and ideally make sales, including: 

  • Direct (37.5%)
  • Paid search marketing (31.1%)
  • Email marketing (15%)
  • Affiliate marketing (11.5%)
  • Paid social media marketing (4.9%)

Additionally, our platform indicates that the beauty subscriptions market spends 36% of its paid ad budget on Google Ads, with 58% spent on Facebook Ads, and 6.8% on TikTok. We can also divide traffic by campaign type:

  • Facebook - Prospecting (56%)
  • Facebook - Retargeting (1.7%)
  • Google - Performance Max (11%)
  • Google - Search (23%)
  • Google - Shopping (0.14%)
  • Google - YouTube (1.2%)
  • TikTok - Main (6.8%)

It’s clear that succeeding in this market requires a careful blend of traffic sources and campaign types to find lasting success.

Average Cost Per Click for Beauty Subscriptions Stores

Having a strong understanding of beauty subscriptions eCommerce KPI benchmarks is important for growing your store. Basing the success or failure of your campaigns only on your own past results ignores the complete picture of industry performance and related trends.

CPC (cost-per-click) is an important KPI that demonstrates the overall average cost of every click on your paid ads. Since each click consumes your marketing budget, it’s vital to send traffic to optimized pages to convert them into customers. Otherwise, you may end up spending more on the campaign than the amount of revenue it generates.

Below, you can see how the median Facebook Ads CPC for this market is $3.07. You can use the information to gauge your own costs to ensure you’re not overspending while still generating revenue.