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Personal Care Market

The personal care eCommerce market is a growing segment of the broader eCommerce industry, focused on products designed to support personal hygiene and wellness. This market encompasses many products, including bath and shower products, oral care products, deodorants and antiperspirants, and feminine care products.

There are several factors driving growth in this market, including:

  • Increasing focus on health and wellness
  • Growing popularity of natural and organic products 
  • The rise of eCommerce as a convenient and accessible way to purchase personal care products 

Consumers in this market are often highly selective, seeking products that offer high-quality ingredients, effective results, and a strong emphasis on safety and sustainability.

Keep reading to learn more about personal care eCommerce benchmarks to help grow your business.

Average Conversion Rate for Personal Care eCommerce 

Conversion rate (CVR) is a vital metric describing how many visitors become customers as a percentage. For example, if you have 170 visitors and 17 make a purchase, your conversion rate is 10%.

Having a strong understanding of personal care conversion rate benchmarks helps you gauge the failure or success of your campaigns without relying on your own past results. Knowing how your industry peers are performing gives you additional insights into your own conversion rate.

The Varos platform aggregates real-time data from other personal care stores and displays these benchmarks right alongside your own. Below, we can see how the median conversion rate for personal care Facebook Ads is 4.4%.

eCommerce Traffic Data for the Personal Care Market

To succeed in the personal care eCommerce market, brands must be able to effectively market their products through various channels, including social media, email, and search engines. 

Businesses must also offer personalized recommendations and content that speaks directly to the needs and concerns of their target audience and continually innovate and improve their products to stay ahead of the competition.

The personal care market is a subcategory of the health and wellness market, which leverages a variety of sources to generate traffic, including:

  • Direct (37.5%)
  • Paid search marketing (31.1%)
  • Email marketing (15%)
  • Affiliate marketing (11.5%)
  • Paid social media marketing (4.9%)

Fortunately, we can look closer into traffic data by using the Varos platform to better understand ad spending. Our data indicate that eCommerce stores within the personal care market spend their marketing budget on three platforms: 48% on Google Ads, 40% on Facebook Ads, and 12% on TikTok. Additionally, we can further divide this data by campaign type:

  • Facebook - Prospecting (34%)
  • Google - Performance Max (23%)
  • Google - Search (15%)
  • Google - Shopping (1.2%)
  • Facebook - Retargeting (14%)
  • Google - YouTube (8.1%)

It’s clear that personal care eCommerce stores need to leverage a range of different ad platforms and campaigns to reach the right customers.

Average Cost Per Click for Personal Care Stores

The personal care eCommerce market is a promising and growing sector with tremendous potential for innovation and growth. As consumers' needs and preferences evolve, this market will likely continue to expand and diversify, offering new opportunities for brands that can effectively connect with consumers and offer products that meet their needs and preferences.

Cost-per-click (CPC) is among the most important personal care eCommerce KPI benchmarks for personal care stores to understand and optimize. CPC describes the average cost of every click on your ads. An effective campaign will send this traffic to carefully designed landing pages or product pages to generate sales.

CPC benchmarks from your peers help gauge your own spending. Below, you can see how the Varos dashboard demonstrates how the median CPC for Facebook Ads in the personal care eCommerce market is $1.92. We display real-time benchmarks alongside your own results, so you always know how you compare.