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Shopify + Google Ads: New Benchmarks in Varos

Now you can get a more complete picture of your business performance and potential by benchmarking your Shopify and Google Ads KPIs against similar companies to yours.


The Shopify ecosystem is littered with case studies and clickbait telling you what a “typical” return rate or repeat order rate looks like. 

These stats, however, are usually biased, based on a small sample size and always taken with a hefty grain of salt. 

With Varos’ new Shopify integration, you can anonymously and directly benchmark the following metrics with similar companies:

  • Sales Growth - Percent change in sales over time
  • Repeat Purchases Rate - Percent of orders coming from repeat buyers
  • Return Rate - Percent of orders that are returned
  • Cohort Analysis - Avg. # of Cumulative Orders Per Customer By Month after Purchase - This is the average cumulative number of purchases per customer over time. The data is displayed in cohorts, normalizing all customers from all time starting at month 1. This is the only metric in the dashboard that is for all time (date filters don’t apply). This only includes users who purchased more than 12 months ago, so you can see a full year of data. 
  • Abandoned checkout rate - The percent of users who started the checkout page, abandoned it, and did not return. This data only goes three months back. 
  • Refunds as a % of orders - The percent of orders with at least one item refunded. 
  • AOV - Average order value

To illustrate, below is the Return Rate for 10 weeks from our community of users. The purple represents the brand with medium Return Rate, the red is the top 25% performing brand, and the green is the bottom 25% performing one. 

You can see that the top 25% of companies didn’t even have a spike in returns around Christmas, whereas the rest did

Refunds as a % of Orders in Varos' Shopify Dashboard

It takes just a couple clicks to connect your Shopify store to Varos, and you’ll be joining a group of DTC merchants anonymously crowdsourcing their KPIs with each other. 

All data is pulled directly from shopify, stripped of all identifying information, and shown in averages. 

Google Ads

Our integration with Google Ads came by popular demand from our customers already using Varos to benchmark their Facebook Ads data with market data. 

The Google integration lets you drill down in real-time into how you’re doing, both in absolute value and over time, compared to similar companies. 

Now, with both Google and Facebook benchmarks, you’re one step further to getting the full picture of how you’re doing compared to the market. 

If you’re not sure how much you should be allocating to each network (and also within the various products inside the Google Network such as Youtube) Varos can help you plan and forecast by showing you real-time average costs & metrics at a granular level.

You can benchmark the following metrics from Google in the dashboard: 

  • Cost per Conversion
  • CPM
  • CPC
  • Conversion Rate from Google Traffic
  • Google Ad Spend

You can also filter the market KPIs by:

  • Slot - the location of the ad on the page (for example, the top of Google search)
  • Network - The Google product where the ad is shown (for example, Youtube search)
  • Device - This one is self explanatory (for example, mobile phones)

As a taste, here you can see the fairly wide range in Google CPMs out of our community of users. The purple represents the brand with medium CPM, the red is the top 25% performing brand, and the green is the bottom 25% performing one. 

CPM benchmarks in Varos' Google Ads Dashboard

In the Varos dashboard, you can filter this data to drill down at a more granular level. 

To start exploring the data, go to and we’ll get you set up immediately.