Darkroom uses Varos to navigate IOS 14 and add trust to the agency-client relationship


Darkroom is a full-service DTC digital agency. A category leader in results-driven growth marketing, Darkroom’s success is attributed to their unique partnership model, purposefully built to launch brands to market and accelerate growth.

It was founded in 2017 when Lucas DiPietrantonio & Jackson Corey, an entrepreneur-designer duo who launched a number of successful brands, kept getting requests to help on other projects.

Darkroom focuses on building brands for premium products and on finding memorable ways to communicate with consumers.

Some of its secrets to success are a) focusing on specific attributes of quality like zooming in on fine materials, b) taking consumers behind the scenes into the product-creation process and c) keeping imagery natural and not over-engineered. Now they’re the fastest growing agency in LA and work with brands like Jessica Simpson, Necessaire, Maaji and more.

Los Angeles, California


“IOS 14 drove up costs for nearly all advertisers on Facebook,” said Lucas DiPietrantonio, co-founder and CEO of Darkroom. After Apple released its industry-altering privacy update in April 2021, ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and CPAs (Cost per Action) started to skyrocket for everyone.

“Our customers are less attuned to the macro trends of ads results, and all they saw was increasing costs in their Facebook Ads manager,” explained DiPietrantonio.

Darkroom has consistently delivered market-beating results for years, but was suddenly left stuck fighting an uphill battle in the face of globally deteriorating ads numbers.


Darkroom started using Varos after a friend told the founders about its competitive dataset of aggregated and anonymized marketing benchmarks from hundreds of leading DTC brands.

Darkroom integrated with Varos in a few clicks via Facebook Ads Manager. Now, via the Varos dashboard, it can see how iOS 14 affected brands with the same Vertical, AOV, and Ad spend as each of their clients.

Then, filtering by date range, ad type, and audience, Darkroom builds reports to show clients exactly how their results compare to industry averages.

Darkroom also gets a weekly email for each of its clients which summarizes the results of companies just like theirs, which adds extra context, transparency, and communication to the agency-client relationship.


“Ever since we’ve been able to report our results together with market data, you can feel the added trust in the relationship,” DiPietrantonio told us.

Sometimes Darkroom sees awesome results, which clients especially love seeing when the market is on a downward trend. In other instances, ROAS has gone down, but by less than the market, and that visibility helps add context to their conversations.

“Results aside, both we and our clients feel more knowledgeable. We can be more confident in our approach when we see in real time what’s happening in the market” DiPietrantonio concluded.

“Ever since we’ve been able to report our results together with market data, you can feel the added trust in the relationship.”

Lucas DiPietrantonio
Darkroom CEO

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