Shinesty uncovers opportunities with highly tailored competitive data


Shinesty began in 2014 as a humor-first apparel and accessories business with one mission: forcing the world to take itself less seriously.

In the years that have followed they’ve grown to 5,000+ SKUs and have sold over 4M pairs of supportive, life changing underwear: Ball Hammocks. 

Shinesty’s irreverent products go hand-in-hand with its meme-driven marketing. It cashes in on non-adsy, share-worthy content that resonates with its audience. 

Denver, CO


“With such a changing environment due to the pandemic, iOS14, and just about everything else, paid media is a constant effort to resolve issues and identify opportunities,” Jens Nicolaysen, CMO and co-founder of Shinesty, told us. 

“Our brand relies heavily on social & paid media to attract new audiences and keep up engagement with existing customers, so we need all the tools at our disposal to operate effectively on Facebook, Instagram & TikTok,” Nicolaysen went on.

“Comparing metrics with similar brands is an excellent way to uncover insights, but usually only big agencies with expansive enough portfolios can compare between similar enough companies to make the data meaningful,” Nicolaysen told us. 


Shinesty adopted Varos to help provide real-time Facebook, Instagram and TikTok data points on other apparel companies. Data points include Cost Per Purchase, AOV, CPM, CTR, etc. on each channel. 

Shinesty was given a competitive set, meaning the default comparison group of companies that they benchmark against, that includes mostly other underwear-focused companies in a $40-$70 AOV range as well as high spenders across verticals

In addition, Nicolaysen and his team rely on Varos’s weekly email which reveals the KPI increases & decreases that both they and their competitive set experienced within the last week.


“Varos helps us access data that was previously unattainable. Now we’ve got a better handle on the macro factors impacting ad performance, and we’re smarter about allocating spend and knowing what’s in and out of our control,” Nicolaysen exclaimed. 

“Plus, as time goes on, Varos gets more impactful. With more companies in Varos’ data pool, we’ve adjusted our competitive set to compare against companies that are really close to ours. We’re really excited to see where it’s going,” Nicolaysen concluded. 

“Varos helps us access data that was previously unattainable.”

Jens Nicolaysen
CMO and co-founder of Shinesty

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