The Ridge uses market data to find inefficiencies and cut costs


The Ridge was launched in 2013 with the goal of replacing overstuffed wallets with their flagship product, The Ridge Wallet. Since then, they’ve sold over 2 million wallets and counting. Its minimalist wallets are engineered from military-grade materials like carbon fiber, and you can barely feel it inside your pocket. With a lifetime guarantee, The Ridge is the last wallet you’ll ever own.

The Ridge puts resourcefulness & innovation at the heart of everything it does, including its marketing, which is led by CMO Connor MacDonald. Managing a fully remote team, he’s developed a knack for identifying tools to maximize productivity and output.

Los Angeles, California


“We’ve had a lot of success engaging with customers on Facebook & Instagram. But, Facebook Ads aren’t as predictable as they once were,” MacDonald told us. “For a brand with as much spend as ours, even small changes in CTR or CPA cause big changes in our bottom line.” 

As a data-driven CMO, every time MacDonald sees downward trends in his KPIs, he needs to decide whether or not it deserves his team’s attention. Looking at historical data alone, he’s unsure whether fluctuations are within his control or due to changes in the market. 

MacDonald has a strong network of CMO friends & colleagues. He sometimes asks them if they’re seeing the same trends he’s seeing, but it's all anecdotal. Plus, comparing to his peers is apples to oranges - because they’re not managing a similar budget for similar products in the same AOV range.


After joining Varos, MacDonald & his team can access anonymized & aggregated real-time marketing KPIs from other accessories companies just like The Ridge. 

He’s able to compare KPIs like Cost per Purchase and Cost per Click to companies that have similar monthly spend levels and AOV. He can also drill down to see the benchmarks by specific targeting types, objectives, demographics, geographies and more.


“I can’t believe I didn’t have access to this data before Varos. It’s a total game changer,” MacDonald said.

“We’ve saved countless dollars since we signed on. We have a much stronger pulse on the market and I am more targetedin focusing our team in the right areas.

”“It has also helped me in internal reporting. I can better quantify how good of a job my team is doing and get them thekudos they deserve,” MacDonald concluded.

“I can’t believe I didn’t have access to this data before Varos.”

Connor MacDonald
Connor MacDonald, CMO of The Ridge

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