Social Bulldog uses Varos to Deliver Superior Results


Social Bulldog is a data-driven advertising agency based out of NYC that specializes in Facebook and Instagram marketing.

Daniel Diaz, Social Bulldog’s founder, spent over seven years working at Facebook and was the resident expert for Facebook Ad auctions. When client-facing teams needed help in identifying hard-to-find opportunities and solutions to make advertisers succeed, they’d bring in Diaz to help.

Now, Social Bulldog leverages that expertise to deliver exceptional results in helping ecommerce businesses scale revenue.

New York, New York


“When we’re setting and evaluating KPIs, it’s important to make data-backed decisions,” Diaz told us. “So, I don’t want our clients to just take our word for it whether a target KPI is within reason or not.”

He went on to say that “we know that we deliver exceptional results. But still, we don’t have a good way to communicate this to our clients who are less in tune with current results in the market.”

“Given the high level of investment for DTC brands to scale Facebook ads, it’s important for us to educate our clients on what good looks like and what to expect at each step along our journey together,” Diaz said.


With the help of Varos, Social Bulldog sets KPI targets together with clients in an educated way by looking at the KPIs of companies in the same vertical, with similar AOV and similar levels of ad spend.

They also make sure to look at the results from similar companies with bigger ad budgets to know what to expect as the ad budget scales.

When evaluating results each week and in quarterly sessions, they compare their results to the market results to have a deeper understanding of what’s worked and what hasn’t.


“Varos has been instrumental in goal setting and demonstrating superior results with clients,” Diaz said.

He explained that “when setting KPIs, we’re now able to ground the conversation using real-time Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and other metrics from companies in the same space. Plus, our clients are always thinking about growth, so it’s extremely helpful for them to see what’s happened to similar companies as they’ve increased their budgets.”

Diaz finds Varos very helpful in showing improvement over time relative to the market. “If we can decrease acquisition cost by a few percentage points while the rest of the market sees increasing acquisition costs, that’s meaningful, and that’s what clients love to see.” Diaz concluded.

“Varos has been instrumental in goal setting and demonstrating results with clients.”

Daniel Diaz
Social Bulldog CEO

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